Questions & Answers

Where can I obtain proof that my builder is a member of National Home Warranty Group Inc.?
Contact National Home Warranty and ask. We have a list of all our members. 

What is a Certificate of Possession (COP)? 
It's a document used to determine the effective dates of your policy and provided to the builder at the time of enrollment. When completed, it’s returned to us so we can facilitate the issuing of the Limited Home Warranty Policy. The COP also includes a New Home Walk-through Checklist that can help you identify with your builder, any items that need to be addressed. 

Is my house covered with NHW?
Contact National Home Warranty to find out. 
Prairies Toll Free: 1-800-472-9784
British Columbia Toll Free: 1-888-243-8807

If you live in BC, you can refer to the B.C. Housing Licensing & Consumer Services "New Homes Registry" if the home was built after November 2007 for more information. 

When does a warranty start?
In Alberta and the Prairies, the warranty starts on the date of first occupancy, the date on your occupancy permit or when the title transfers (depending on if the home is custom or spec). For further details, please contact our offices.

If you are buying a home in British Columbia, here are the commencements dates outlined by the Homeowner Protection Act. 

Can the warranty be transferred?
No, because there’s no need for it to transfer. The warranty is attached to the home, and is for the benefit of the homeowner. 

What is in my warranty package?
Your warranty package consists of your Limited Warranty Policy and a guide to filing a claim. If you live in BC, you’ll also find a decal outlining warranty expiry dates. 

When will we receive our Warranty Package?
We issue the warranty package upon receipt of the completed COP form. The policy is mailed using Canada Post and delivery times vary. 

I can’t find my policy. Can I get a new copy?
You can. Additional copies can be requested by the homeowner for a nominal charge. 

Can I get a copy of the policy on an unsold home?
Warranty policies are available when the warranty commences. Please see “When does a warranty start?" 

What does my warranty policy cover?
Please refer to your Limited Warranty Policy documentation. If you live in BC, please refer to the B.C. Housing Licensing & Consumer Services website to downloadUnderstanding Warranties Visit here for more information about Home Warranty Insurance in British Columbia 

If you have any specific questions, please contact us

How do I file a Claim?
In order to submit a claim for a warranted defect, you must do so by providing written notice to both National Home Warranty and your builder. You can submit your notice of claim via fax, mail or e-mail. Please refer to our dedicated section on this site for more details on how to file a claim.