Programs for Single Family Builders

We’ll help you build with confidence

Whether you specialize in wood frame or concrete homes, duplexes or ranchers, we have the home warranty and deposit insurance programs to meet your needs and your province’s requirements. 

Our team of experienced insurance and residential construction professionals has the expertise to offer you home warranty coverage programs that make sense for your specific project needs.

Single Family Home Warranty Coverage

Reduce the risk of post-construction deficiencies by protecting your business and the homeowners. No matter which province you build in – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba – you can be confident that your warranty will meet regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

More importantly, our services extend beyond standard coverage programs. We review project builds, and partner with you to deliver a customized program - complete with added value for you and your buyers. Browse our standard coverage programs


Deposit Insurance

Gaining access to your purchasers’ deposits is incredibly important. Utilizing them for project funding can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Applying to National

Interested in becoming a National Home Warranty builder? Complete and send in your application form, or contact our Account Managers/Underwriters today.

Multi Family Builders

Whether you specialize in high rise or mid size condominiums, townhomes, repair contracting or act on behalf of a Strata Corporation; we have a program to meet your needs and your province’s requirements.