Programs for Multi Family Builders

Whether you specialize in high rise or mid size condominiums, townhomes, repair contracting or act on behalf of a Strata Corporation, we have a program to meet your needs and your province’s requirements. 
More importantly, our services extend beyond standard warranty programs. We review project builds, and partner with you to deliver a customized program - complete with added value for you and your buyers. 
Keep the families you build for covered
Multi-family construction can be time consuming and complex. You have so many factors to consider and manage - worrying about guaranteeing your hard work shouldn’t be one of them. National Home Warranty’s Multi Family Warranty program can provide you with the coverage you need and more. 
And cover yourself while you’re at it.
Reduce the risk of post-construction deficiencies by protecting your business and the homeowners. No matter which province you build in – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba – you can be confident of meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards, and even offer customized programs and coverage. 
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Deposit Insurance

Gaining access to your purchasers’ deposits is incredibly important. Utilizing them for project funding can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

In British Columbia and Alberta, purchasers’ deposits are required to be held in trust and can be used as a source of project financing if they are insured by an approved Deposit Insurance company. Insuring your purchasers’ deposits changes that, giving you a secure and cost effective financing option, and reduces your dependence on more expensive financing such as bank loans, subordinated loans or equity.

If you build in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, you are not required to insure your purchasers’ deposits in order to utilize them. However, you should still consider insuring them to guarantee your homeowner the peace of mind that their deposits are safe and sound.

Maintenance Operations Program – New Construction
Reducing the risk of future maintenance related problems on your multi-family build is a necessity. Be sure the incoming Strata or Condo Corporation has the tools to properly maintain and manage their investment by providing them with National Home Warranty’s Maintenance Operations Program (MOP) for New Construction. 

MOP is an added-value service you can pass onto your incoming owners to help guide them through the first 5 years of ownership and beyond. 

Maintenance Manual: This is the foundation of the MOP. It’s a concise and comprehensive collection of documents that defines and schedules specific maintenance requirements. 

It helps to ensure that proper maintenance of the building is planned for, and that an adequate reserve funds is maintained for future replacements and refurbishments. 

Your owner will benefit from this easy-to-use reference package. It includes: It includes:

  • Contingency Reserves Fund Plans
  • Depreciation Reports
  • Envelope Materials Information
  • Warranty Documents
  • Contacts Lists, and
  • Maintenance Scheduling Information

Annual Reviews: We’ll be there throughout the duration of your program to ensure that defects and maintenance items are brought to owners’ attention before they grow into costly repairs. 


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Single Family Builders

Reduce the risk of post-construction deficiencies by protecting your business and the homeowners. No matter which province you build in – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba – you can be confident that your warranty will meet regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

Building Envelope Remediation Warranty

Every contractor’s right hand man. Whether you’ve been called in to fix a problem or to make a great place even better, you shouldn’t show up without Building Envelope Remediation Warranty.