Be in the Know - Get Informed

Know your contractors.

This isn’t just any job; it’s your dream house. You should know exactly who's involved and what they’re
contributing. Check all their references, and arrange a written contract with your builder that clearly outlines who
is responsible for what.

Complete a walkthrough checklist with your builder PRIOR to possession.
Should you have to file a claim, your adjuster will use this checklist in his or her assessment. Without a
walkthrough record pre-possession, it will be almost impossible for the adjuster to qualify some defects as such.

Complete a home inspection PRIOR to purchase.
Some realtors tell their clients not to bother with an inspection for newly built home prior to purchase because
everything will be covered under a new home warranty anyway. THIS IS INCORRECT. You would have one if you
were purchasing a resale home. Most warranties are limited, which is why agents should be encouraging
independent inspections.

Understand your warranty.
Every warranty has its own clauses, benefits and limits. Review yours thoroughly when you receive it.

Follow your maintenance schedule.
You’ll have the greatest impact on the long-term health of your house. Ensure a positive start by adhering to the
maintenance schedule that has been provided to you by your builder or National Home Warranty. Remember, a
defect resulting from lack of maintenance is NOT covered.