Manitoba Multi Family

Multi Family

Your home warranty is a broad coverage plan passed on to you by your builder. It protects you against defects for your individual unit and common areas. It starts the moment you move in.

What’s covered for the 1st year?

Limited Construction Warranty
You’re covered for defects in materials and labour of your home for the first year.

What’s covered for 5 years?

Structural Defect Warranty
You’re covered for structural defects for up to 5 years, including defects in material and labour. Your warranty also covers structural damage that makes your new home unfit to live in.

Limited Construction Warranty
You’re covered for defects in the load bearing structures for up to 5 years.

Maximum Protection
The combined 1-year and 5-year limited construction warranties provide coverage to a maximum of $50,000 per unit, and include overall condo protection (common property) to a maximum of $2.5 million.

In Manitoba, builders can customize the warranties they purchase for their projects. Always refer to your warranty document for actual policy terms and coverages arranged by your builder.